Spirit Canoe Shamanic Healing is my private shamanic
practice centered in Boulder, Colorado. I bring many
years of intensive training, initiations, and deep
experience to my work with clients. My work is
characterized by a strong spiritual connection with the
compassionate helping spirits, and personal compassion
for the pain and suffering that are part of the human
experience. I also bring a strong commitment to personal
empowerment to my work, and seek to encourage my
clients to step fully into their creative aliveness in the world.

Here is what one recent client had to say after a session:

"The past few weeks have been remarkable since our
work. I've definitely felt a renewed sense of self and greater
strength. I had no idea how wonderful the healing power of the
spirit world could be. Thank you so much for your help! Truly
an amazing experience!"
           -- Melissa

Rooted in core shamanism, my work includes the following classic
shamanic healing practices. Please click on each link for more

           Shamanic Divination
           Power Animal Retrieval
           Extraction Healing
           Soul Retrieval
           Death and Dying: Healing for the Transition
           Psychopomp Healing
           Depossession Healing
           Space Clearing

My practice is located at the Boulder Center for Conscious
Community (BC3), in Boulder, Colorado. Please contact me any
time to arrange an appointment, or a series of appointments. As
with many kinds of non-Western healing traditions, people often
derive the most benefit from more than one session.

While working in person is always preferable, many kinds of
shamanic healing work can be done very effectively long-distance.
If you are not in the Boulder area, I encourage you to consider this
option. Please visit the Contact page for information.

                              Shamanic Workshops

I am a member of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies Faculty.
I offer the Basic Training Workshop, also known as The Way of the
Shaman®, twice a year each in Boulder and Ft. Collins. I also
teach the FSS advanced weekend workshops at least once a year.
You can see the schedule and find out more about each workshop
by clicking on the link below.

                       Foundation for Shamanic Studies Workshops

                         Spirit Canoe Drumming Circle

I facilitate a core shamanic drumming circle that meets about
twice a month in Boulder. Participants have the opportunity to
continue their exploration of the spirit world through the classic
shamanic journey, and to deepen their relationships with their
personal helping spirits. The circle also provides an opportunity
to practice core shamanic healing and divination skills in a
facilitated setting. The drumming circle meets at the BC3 on
Tuesday evenings from 7 - 9 pm.

This is a teaching circle, and has a fee and a six-month
commitment for participation. There are two all-day Sunday
meetings included in the six-month period. These meetings
allow for an in-depth experience similar to the weekend
workshops, combined with the ongoing connection that
naturally forms in a the group that meets together over time.
The prerequisite for the drumming circle is completion of the
FSS Basic Workshop. For more information, please Contact
me, and to read more about this concept of a long-term,
committed circle, please see my article
Spirit Canoe Drumming Circles.

                       Advanced Individual Insruction

Beginning in 2018, I am offering a program of individual instruction
that is available to very advanced students of the Foundation
for Shamanic Studies' curriculum of core shamanic workshops.
This vision is not a program of the FSS, but comes as an
outgrowth of my own path with shamanism, both as a healer and
as a teacher. The FSS weekend and residential programs are our
primary way to pass on the methods and practices of core
shamanism, thanks to the life-time of research and dedication of
Dr. Michael Harner. In indigenous cultures, the relationship of
the shaman and the apprentice is widely known, and well
understood. I am committed to offering an experience of the
latter, to individuals who have already experienced the former,
and feel called to go further in this particular way.

To read more about my vision for this program, the qualifications,
and to help you decide if this is the path for you at this time in your
life and work, please see Spirit Canoe Advanced Individual