Shamanism for Personal Empowerment

Shamanism for Personal Empowerment is a two-year program designed to enrich the lives of people who want to explore the ancient and nearly universal practices of core shamanism, for their personal spiritual connection and empowerment, and for the benefit of their friends and family.

Beginning with the FSS workshop, The Shamanic Journey: Pathway to Knowledge and Power, the first quarter of the year focuses on developing journeying skills, meeting animal spirits, guardians and spirit teachers, and exploring the non-ordinary realms of the upper and lower worlds. The remainder of the program is devoted to in-depth explorations of four major areas of shamanism and everyday life.


Course Outline: Two-Day Intensives


First Year: Shamanism for Personal Practice

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Second Year: Shamanism for Personal Empowerment

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Course Outline: Bi-Weekly Groups


There are two types of bi-weekly groups in the Shamanism for Personal Empowerment program. Structured similarly to core shamanic drumming circles, the groups provide a community context for the practices and experiences of the program.

Journey Groups and Practice Groups provide opportunities for participants to deepen their experience and connections with their helping spirits, and to increase their knowledge and understanding of shamanism as a way of life. Participants join these groups in their first year, and continue in the same groups together throughout the program. Groups are led by third-year students, who have completed the Spirit Canoe School of Shamanism's facilitator training course.

Journey Groups

In the first three months of the first year, Journey Groups provide an opportunity for students to practice their journey skills and explore their non-ordinary reality teritories. With the direction of the group facilitator, students can practice long-distance healing, do journeys to benefit others in the group, or journey to gain shamanic knowledge about subjects of general interest to the group.

Practice Groups

Practice Groups begin in the fourth month and continue throughout the program. These groups provide an opportunity to practice specific shamanic techniques and healing methods learned in the two-day courses, whch members of the group have completed.