Shamanic Apprentice Program

The Shamanic Apprentice Program of the Spirit Canoe School of Shamanism is a three-year course of study designed to support qualified participants in deepening their relationships with their helping spirits, and to continue their training in the primary core-shamanic healing techniques.

Prerequisites: To qualify for the Shamanic Apprentice Program, students must have completed the following Foundation for Shamanic Studies weekend workshops*:

     The Way of the Shaman®
     Shamanic Extraction Healing Training
     Shamanism, Dying & Beyond
     Power Soul Retrieval

During the first year, students will review and deepen their experience with the classic shamanic healing techniques of extraction healing, psychopomp healing and soul retrieval. Students will become well-versed in the ethical complexities involved in practicing shamanism in our culture, and will complete the year with an in-depth exploration of the many kinds of spirits who inhabit non-ordinary reality. The second year of the Shamanic Apprentice Program is the internship year, when students will begin healing sessions with clients, and receive bi-monthly mentoring in pairs to support their work. In the third year, students will receive advanced, individual mentoring, and complete the facilitator training for leading practice groups in the School of Shamanism, and drumming circles in the community.

*If you have had the Way of the Shaman® workshop, and at least one of the advanced workshops, but you have not done all three, please contact Robbie to talk further.


Course Outline: Two-Day Intensives


First Year: Advanced Shamanic Healing Training

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  Course Schedule  

Second Year: Shamanic Healing Internship

  • Formal client sessions at the School of Shamanism
  • Bi-monthly mentoring in pairs
  • Continue bi-weekly practice groups

Third Year: Facilitator Training & Advanced Study

  • Monthly 4-hour facilitator training sessions - first six months
  • Advanced individual mentoring - second six months
  • Lead Journey Groups and Practice Groups - second six months
  • Continue client work at the School of Shamanism or elsewhere
  • Can continue to lead groups indefinitely after completing the program
  • Can continue with peer practice group indefinitely

Course Outline: Bi-Weekly Groups


Bi-weekly Practice Groups provide opportunities for participants in the Shamanic Apprentice Program to deepen their connections with the power of their helping spirits, and increase their skills with the core shamanic healing techniques. Structured similarly to core shamanic drumming circles, the groups provide a community context for the practices and experiences of the program. Participants join these groups in their first year, and continue in the same groups together throughout the program. Groups are led by third-year students, who have completed the Spirit Canoe School of Shamanism's facilitator training course.