Ellen Winner, Facilitator
March 15 & 16, 2014
Boulder, Colorado
Saturday 10 a.m. - 5:30 p.m., Sunday 9:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.                                                                              Tuition: $235

Join us for an exciting weekend of spirit journeys to accelerate progress on the path
to stable, joyous unity consciousness.
Enlightenment is surely the deepest longing of our souls: “Union with God,” “understanding the true reality of all things,” “knowing one’s own identity as the Self of all that is,” “a felt certainty of being one with everything,” “being held in eternal safety and love,” “abiding as the unchanging formless potential in which all else arises. . . .” The words sound good, but we can only understand their meaning when we already know from personal experience what they point to.

Our shamanic ancestors have deliberately explored non-ordinary realms of consciousness for the past thirty to forty thousand years. Some of their received visions lie at the root of world religions, from which many useful techniques for drawing closer to the divine have come down to us: prescribed ways of prayer, meditation, fasting, chanting, dancing, entheogens, visualizations, and difficult bodily postures, to name a few. Meanwhile shamans have continued their investigations primarily with drumming and entheogens to induce altered states.

In this workshop, we focus on our own paths to enlightenment, knowing that each person’s advancement is necessary to the progress of the whole. With the drum to power our journeys we continue the shamanic tradition, seeking guidance, teachings and experiences tailored expressly to our unique situation by our compassionate spirits. The approach is practical and eclectic. As shamans we see no contradiction in being both firmly grounded here and now on earth and at the same time able to move freely between ordinary and sacred states of consciousness. This is what we always do when we bring healing from the compassionate spirits into our communities, and what we must do now to help establish unity consciousness among our people. Enlightenment is the next step in our evolution. It is likely our very survival depends on it.

Participants must be proficient in shamanic journeying, for example through completion of a Foundation for Shamanic Studies Basic Workshop. Please note that this is not a workshop in core shamanism and is not a Foundation for Shamanic Studies workshop. To register, click below, or contact Robbie Staufer at rstaufer@gmail.com. For more information, see worldshaman.org

*Ellen Winner, JD, Certified Shamanic Counselor® Shamanic practitioner since 1984, apprenticed with Himalayan shaman, Maile Lama since 1988. Guest Faculty of The Foundation for Shamanic Studies. Organized First Annual Colorado Cross-Cultural Shamanic Conference in Boulder April 2013. Certified Journey Practitioner.

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